City of Irvine Website Launch

We’re happy to announce the launch of the newly redesigned City of Irvine website!

“This launch has been an exciting partnership with the City of Irvine to showcase all that their community has to offer,” said Christina Durham, Net Tango Vice President and COO. “As part of the comprehensive design and development process, we focused on making the new website user friendly and easy for staff to manage and maintain.

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Net Tango Today – June 2015

Project Launches & Design Leadership

This summer promises to be an exciting one, as we anticipate many new project launches over the next few months. It’s the type of work our team loves to do. In this month’s Net Tango Today, we feature a brand new website for Boone Memorial Hospital’s capital campaign. As part of the strategic planning process, we focused on making it easy for prospective donors to learn about the campaign and make a contribution online.

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A Web Designer’s Thoughts on Design

3 Ways to Think about Design for Your Next Website Project
1. Design Solves Problems

Let’s start with what design actually does – it solves problems. Design does not just make things look nice, but primarily makes things work nice.

When you hire a designer, focus on the problems you have: people can’t find your main office, or they can’t figure out if you sell purple shirts, or your non-profit is starting a new initiative and people need to know about it. These are all great problems for a designer to help solve.

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Boone Memorial Hospital Campaign

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Boone Memorial Hospital Campaign website!

Boone Memorial Hospital, based in West Virginia, has recently launched an ambitious campaign for building a new facility. Our team has been privileged to partner with them to create their new campaign website.

As part of the strategic planning process, we focused on integrating their brand to tell the story of BMH. The new website makes it easy for prospective donors to learn about the campaign and make a contribution online.

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Code PaLOUsa Developer’s Conference

As a technology company, we realize the importance of innovation every day. That’s why our developers love staying on top of changing tech trends that impact your business. Recently, the team had an opportunity to attend Louisville’s annual Code PaLOUsa. As a growing technology conference, Code PaLOUsa offers deep insights into leadership, product evaluation, and community resources to plan, architect, deploy, manage, and secure applications that are the lifeline to your company.

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100 Wise Women

Net Tango’s VP and Chief Operating Officer, Chris Durham was invited to serve as a table host for today’s 100 Wise Women event. Organized by Leadership Louisville, these events seek to connect distinguished women from all career stages and backgrounds. They learn by exchanging ideas, sharing concerns, and discovering expertise from one another. Today’s sold out event featured Sadiqa Reynolds, Chief for Community Building for Louisville Metro Government.

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Net Tango Teaches Students to Code

As a company, when we give back, it’s with the purpose of solving a problem. That’s why we’re passionate about STEM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), especially when it comes to exposing a younger audience to their future possibilities.

Yesterday, Net Tango visited the students of River City Drum Corp to help them experience the world of coding for the first time. Our collaboration was sparked by a conversation at last year’s Read More