Louisville Water

Louisville Water Company, recognized as the best-tasting tap water in America, provides water to nearly one million customers. Community events – think 10ks and fundraisers – often call on Louisville Water to provide on-site filling stations, which they call Fill & Chill. Customers can call in or send an email to reserve coolers and cups at no cost.

The Challenge

Providing coolers and cups is a great service, but Louisville Water wanted to improve the cumbersome and manual process the staff had to manage. Previously, the process involved multiple emails, spreadsheets, stacks of printed reservations with written notes or stamps. It was also difficult to keep track of inventory and customer pick-ups and returns.

Our Approach

Net Tango streamlined the approach, creating a fully web-based process. Customers now go directly to the website, where all information is captured and stored for Louisville Water staff. Inventory tracking and calendar reservations are built-in, eliminating the difficult process of keeping track of coolers and cups.

Customers are notified automatically via email, and they are clearly informed about the process for pick-up and return.

We brainstormed with the Net Tango team and within two months our system was operational. They are always very responsive to our requests and timelines, and innovative in creating solutions to needs.

MarySusan Abell
Marketing & Communications Manager, Louisville Water Company


The Results

The new Fill & Chill system has increased customer satisfaction and provided quicker customer service through the website. It has also reduced call center volume, which gives more time for representatives to focus on complex questions. And, manual employee tasks are now accomplished in a matter of hours, rather than days.