AT&T ScreenReady

AT&T’s ScreenReady initiative shares tips and tools to help families manage their online experience, practice healthy digital habits and fully participate in today’s connected world, empowering safe and positive connections on all screens.

The Challenge

Net Tango was tasked with creating a welcoming, branded portal to encourage users to consider digital safety and digital literacy solutions. This new site would promote ScreenReady tools and tips through a user-friendly interface, showcasing AT&T as a thought-leader on digital safety and well-being, helping clients to find resources to bridge the digital divide.

Our Approach

The project was broken down into two primary stages: Phase one, to create a friendly, accessible site for AT&T’s public roll out of the initiative. The second phase was to add robust infrastructure, creating an adaptable, custom CMS for ease of use, support, and modification of the site.


The new site features a beautiful, mobile responsive design that is easy to use and easy to manage. Since launch, over 15,000 customers have visited the ScreenReady site to learn about safely expanding their digital capabilities.