New LouisvilleKy.gov

This month our team was proud to announce the launch of the new LouisvilleKy.gov website.

We have been a partner of Louisville Metro Government for 11 years and are excited to continue our partnership with the design of the new city website. As part of our web consulting and design process, we focused on making the site more user friendly for citizens to easily navigate and find the information they need.

Net Tango worked closely with Louisville Metro’s Technology team to incorporate best practices and current design trends, like larger images and modern typography, to provide a framework for city agencies to easily deliver excellent city services to citizens. The new website design was created in a mobile responsive design for easy access from mobile phones and tablets.

So how does a large design like this come together? We thought this might be a great opportunity to show you. Enjoy the rest of this month’s issue ….

Susan Weiss
President & CEO

How we plan the design of a large-scale website

5fcaec3f-52ed-4662-9e8d-59a4bea3a2ddStep 1: Planning

  • Site planning includes:
  • Meetings and collaboration to understand the needs of each site audience and site goals.
  • Confirmation of brand standards: logo, colors, styles.
  • Review of site analytics to confirm browser and mobile minimum standards.
  • Creation of a “key elements” document for home and pivotal site pages, including branding, navigation, content, and interactive features.
  • Design and confirmation of the site features, fields and workflow.


Step 2: Wireframe Diagrams

Wireframe diagrams … that sounds terrible! But really, these diagrams are just a way to visualize the right elements on the page without worrying about colors and designs. This process helps the team to ensure they’ve included the right elements on the most important site pages.

Wireframe diagrams are edited and refined until we get them right … at all sizes, mobile, tablet and desktop.



Step 3: Graphic Design, Templates and Styleguide

We’ve perfected the model … the wireframes. Now we’re ready for the style and color. Bring on the pizzazz!

  • Using the wireframe model, we begin to add logos, colors and design to create the graphic design concept.
  • Once approved, the graphic design is used to create a styleguide. This is a map to keep developers, designers and site managers true to the style and design. The styleguide will include the site colors, fonts, navigation, bullets, form fields, buttons, icon sets and more.
  • The approved design is used to build site templates. These templates are rigorously tested for mobile, browser and performance compliance.



Net Tango Team Intranet Launch

This week Net Tango launched an exciting new intranet dashboard for our team.

Features include:

  • dashboard style displays to help us visualize and manage projects and deadlines
  • team and tasks management tools with drag-and-drop features to manage priorities
  • shared calendars and scheduling for events, holidays and vacation requests
  • integrated billing and accounts receivable management


The Net Tango reviewing the new intranet features.