Net Tango Develops New Web-Based Portal for IQS Research

Recently, two local businesses— web technology firm Net Tango, and custom research and data analytics firm IQS Research—partnered to design, develop and implement a new web-based portal to disseminate engagement scores and manage action planning. Grounded in best-in-class research on workplace motivators, this easy-to-use tool helps leaders understand and improve the drivers of employee engagement that are present in their workforce.

Portal Gives Leaders Results in a Highly Visual Way

“Research should deliver insights and enable change, not just create static reports that sit on a shelf,” noted Shawn Herbig, founder and president of IQS Research. “Change happens when leaders across an organization have access to, and ownership for, their specific results and action plans. This portal provides leaders with their results in a highly-visual way, allowing them to quickly understand the big picture while also pinpointing where to focus time and attention.”

Translating Paper-Based Reporting Into Web Solution

Net Tango, who specializes in enterprise-level web solutions, was pleased to partner with IQS Research on this dynamic web software solution for their customers. According to Susan Weiss, Net Tango’s president and CEO, “This project is a great example of translating a largely paper-based reporting process into an action-oriented, modern, and personalized web solution. The portal allows leaders to easily filter data to answer follow-up questions like how engagement differs across generations or racial/ethnic groups or regions across the company. Informed by specific results, leaders can create instant reports, develop action plans and track progress inside a single system where automatic notifications and reminders enhance accountability and ensure progress is made toward action plan goals.”

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