City of Raleigh

Leaders from the City of Raleigh engaged Net Tango to develop and deliver a complete Digital Roadmap for its enterprise website. The project involved digital strategy, user engagement, requirements documentation, and Phase I of a pilot homepage.

The Challenge

The City of Raleigh wanted help with a strategic vision for the design and implementation of a streamlined, services-centric website. And while we love designing new websites, we also love partnering with organizations to strategize how best to plan for and roll out these sites.

Leading organizations know that a great website begins with a great plan.

Our Approach

A clear plan is great, but how do you know if your plan will work before it is too late to change course? For the City of Raleigh, a pilot homepage was the answer. It’s a great first step in a website redesign, and gives the opportunity for early stakeholder feedback before the entire thing is built.


Whether a city has a comprehensive design system or just an old logo, we can formulate a solution. For Raleigh, that meant extending the design from the logo and color palette to develop complimentary icons and design patterns they can reuse in a wide variety of applications throughout the site. The result? A beautiful and functional design that expands the visual identity of the city.