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IQS Research is a custom research firm located in Louisville, KY. Since 1999, they’ve partnered with notable industry leaders such as Brown-Forman, Ford, and Charah Solutions.

Previously, IQS Research generated custom paper-based reports using an entirely manual process. And while the reports were extensive and thorough, they were not scalable. In order to drive change for their clients, they wanted to leverage client data in a highly visual and personalized web solution.


We built an interactive, online dashboard that allows leaders throughout an organization to create instant reports, develop action plans, and track progress inside a single system. Whether responsible for a single department or the entire enterprise, business leaders see the results that matter to them. Data visualization provides relevant information so big picture trends and analysis are easily revealed.

What We Did

  • Action Planning
  • Custom Reporting Services
  • Document Management
  • Dynamic File Sharing
  • Flexible User Management
  • Mobile Responsive Design


This project is a great example of translating a largely paper-based reporting process into an action-oriented, modern, and personalized web solution. With the new engagement portal, IQS Research can now offer a scalable, tailored, and accessible web solution to its clients.

Research should deliver insights and enable change, not just create static reports that sit on a shelf. This portal provides leaders with their results in a highly-visual way, allowing them to quickly understand the big picture while also pinpointing where to focus time and attention.

Shawn Herbig
President/CEO, IQS Research

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